Facing criminal charges can be devastating, and is a major disruption to your life. Having someone trustworthy by your side during this time is important, and having someone who is familiar and experienced with the court system is imperative.

Cara P. Oxenham has experience on both sides of the courtroom, working previously as a defense attorney with the Portsmouth Public Defenders Office in both felony and misdemeanor cases.  And then as a Commonwealth’s Attorney prosecuting criminals in the City of Chesapeake.  This means she knows how to navigate a case in court to argue what is best for you.

As a prosecutor, Cara trained detectives on how to build solid cases. She knows how cases are built and has the ability to tear it apart on your behalf.  Cara knows where the deficiencies are and how to use those to fight for you in court.

When you or someone you know needs a criminal defense lawyer, contact Attorney Cara P. Oxenham at (757) 482-4224.