Divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved – the wife, the husband, children, parents, grandparents and even co-workers and employers.  This is especially true for military families, where the husband, wife, or both are active duty military or retired.

Though they go through the same general procedures as civilian divorces, military couples must make additional decisions regarding military pay, retirement benefits, child custody involving base transfers, and insurance. If you are active duty military or a military spouse considering divorce, you need an experienced military divorce attorney on your side.

Having an attorney who is familiar with military divorce is crucial for complete comprehension of the unique laws involved. Chesapeake attorney Cara P. Oxenham has the knowledge and experience with military law to aid in a divorce. Cara believes in making this process as easy-going as possible for both parties involved, and will work hard in making sure the ideal outcome is reached whether it be for child custody, property distribution, or retirement benefits.

However, when the easy-going approach doesn’t work, Cara is a fierce fighter for your rights and her experience as a prosecutor means she isn’t afraid of the courtroom and strong tactics to get her clients what they deserve.

When you or someone you know needs a military divorce lawyer, contact Cara Oxenham at (757) 482-4224.