Making the decision to contact a divorce lawyer is a big step in a much larger process. Every couple experiences divorce differently, and whether it is contested or uncontested, issues involving property, child custody, child and/or spousal support and debt can complicate decisions. Divorce discussions can also further complicate relationships in families, with children, grandparents and friends. Having an experienced attorney on your side will help alleviate tension and complications in divorce decisions, resulting in the best possible outcome for all involved.

If the process is more difficult and agreements cannot be made, Cara will fight for your best interest, even if it comes down to litigation.

Chesapeake attorney Cara P. Oxenham has the knowledge and experience for both types of divorce, and will work hard to negotiate a settlement based on your goals. However, if a settlement cannot be reached, Cara will fight for you in court – she is an experienced litigator! If you are unsure of what options are best for you, Cara will work with you to decide the best fit for your future.

When you or someone you know needs a divorce lawyer, contact Cara P. Oxenham at (757) 482-4224.