Facing charges for a felony offense is serious, and consequences for felonies can be severe. These crimes are often publicized, and can be extremely damaging to your personal life, profession, well-being and relationships.

Contacting a knowledgeable and experienced attorney when confronting felony charges is the most important step in the process ahead. Having a skilled attorney by your side can make an enormous difference in the scope of the penalties for your crime, and Chesapeake-based defense attorney Cara P. Oxenham has that skill.

Cara has experience on both sides of the courtroom, working previously as a defense attorney with the Portsmouth Public Defenders Office in felony cases, and as a Commonwealth’s Attorney in Chesapeake, prosecuting felony charges. This means that Cara knows exactly how cases will proceed, who will be involved, and has insider expertise on prosecution methods used in felony cases. She uses that knowledge to attack the case against you.

Having Cara Oxenham as your defense attorney in a felony case means that you will have someone working hard and fighting to avoid conviction, or get the best possible outcome, whether that is having charges reduced or alternatives to jail time.

If you or someone you know is facing felony charges, contact Attorney Cara P. Oxenham quickly at (757) 482-4224.